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Sunday 2nd August

The Service for the Eighth Sunday after Trinity

The Sermon for 2nd August

If you were to ask a group of people in a quiz to list five of Jesus’ miracles, the chances are that the one they’d have in common would be the Feeding of the Five Thousand which is recorded in all four Gospels.  As Christians, the miracle is significant to us and conveys some important teaching.

Jesus was at a low point, having heard of the brutal killing of John the Baptist, and we read that He went off to a deserted place to be by himself and with God in prayer.  A deserted place tells of solitude and silence, but that was soon to change because people in their thousands gathered together as they heard that Jesus was going to that deserted place.  Jesus travelled there by boat but the crowd went on foot; they made an effort to bring Jesus into their lives.  “Follow me” the Master often said, and these people certainly did to reach that barren deserted place.  They came with their unwell friends and relatives, they came with the many problems that face mankind, deserted people in a desert place.  It’s no different today, perhaps more so in these self-isolating times, and many are lonely with no companionship.  They are people with unsettled meaningless lives.  But Jesus is present in our deserts, ready to help.  He promises today that he is among us in our isolation.

Jesus saw that crowd and was moved with pity.  He knew that they were deserted people but they came and surrendered their lives to His mercy.  He looks at us now and calls us to surrender our deserted lives to Him.  He needs our co-operation by giving of ourselves to Him. 

Jesus focused on these hungry people.  Very few of us today know real hunger but there is a hunger still for all sorts of things apart from food.  Justice for the oppressed and voiceless, peace in our families, our communities, our world.  “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness” Jesus said.  What a stirring passage is Isaiah 55, part of which we heard earlier.  God invites us to come to Him with our desires.  The Authorised Version’s passage is one of my favourites starting “Ho everyone that thirsteth”.  It’s well worth a read. 

“Send the crowds away to buy food” suggested the disciples.  We can give them credit for thinking of the people’s hunger, but although they saw the need they knew they didn’t have the ability to help, but Jesus knew and understood how God works.  He takes what meagre resources we have and distributes our offering through us, Jesus’ followers.  But he does need us to come to Him with our loaves and fishes which He blesses and uses to care for the needs of us all.

So let us pray.

Gracious Lord, thank you for all that you give us and for the privilege of sharing with others in need.  In the name of Jesus Christ we offer to you our loaves and fishes.  Amen

The Songs used in the Service


I heard the voice of Jesus say


As the deer pants for water


The King of love my Shepherd is






Sunday 26th July


The Service for the Seventh Sunday after Trinity


The Songs used in the Service


God is love his the care


Take my life and let it be


Amazing Grace







Sunday 19th July

The Service for the Sixth Sunday after Trinity


The songs used in the service...

All people that on earth


Father God


How great thou art




Sunday 12th July

The service for the Fifth Sunday after Trinity.


Songs used in the service...

Ye servants of God


Summer suns are glowing


Great is thy faithfulness


Sunday 5th July    

The Service for the Fourth Sunday after Trinity


Jim's Sermon 

There can’t be many more poignant verses in the Bible than one we heard in our Gospel reading this morning, Matthew 11 v.28.  “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”.  The past 4 months have certainly been a burden and many of us are weary of it all, but Jesus invites us to come to Him with our problems and our burdens.  It is the most gracious invitation ever extended.

Jesus’ ministry was full of invitations not commands.  In the parable of the great banquet, many who were invited had other things to do and so were excluded in favour of the disadvantaged, who came willingly.  Jesus invites us to come for forgiveness that we might have life. 

Some of John the Baptist’s disciples were invited to come and see what our Lord was about, and St Mark relates how the fishermen were invited to, “Come, follow me”.  Jesus called them to a life of discipleship if they would but leave their nets and follow Him.  He invites us to give up our self-centredness and offer ourselves to the service of our Lord and to our fellows.  Following Christ is not a golden ticket into Heaven but we have to share the Master’s burden as the parable of the sheep and the goats makes clear. 

Jesus continued, “Take my yoke upon you, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light”.  Yokes have almost passed into history but in Jesus’ day they were commonplace for both draught oxen and, yes, people.  What could be an unendurable task is so much easier with help.  A problem shared is a problem halved, the old saying has it. 

One of life’s great tragedies is to have no yoke fellow, so Christ calls, “Take my yoke”.  No yoke is easy; it wasn’t intended to be and you wouldn’t ask if the yoke was easy.  It cannot be, but it can be gentle if fitted properly and in tandem with another.  Jesus calls us to service but doesn’t offer us ease.  His gracious invitation comes to all who find the weight of the responsibilities of life crushing and difficult to bear, though we notice Jesus does not promise to remove the burdens completely, but to give us the help we need.  By accepting our Lord’s invitation we shall be accepting the aid needed for bearing life’s burdens.

 Songs in the service

What a friend we have is Jesus...


Dear Lord and Father of Mankind


Forth in thy name oh Lord I go.





Sunday 28th June

The Service for the third Sunday after Trinity


Bishop Martin's talk


The songs used in the Service today...

Blessed assurance

At the name of Jesus

Be thou my vision


Sunday 21st June

The service for the second Sunday after Trinity


Today's talk

A sermonette from Jim


Songs used in the Service..

Take up your Cross

When I survey the Wondrous Cross

Lift high the Cross





Sunday 14th June

The service for the first Sunday after Trinity...


The songs used in the service

All my hope on God is founded


God forgave my sin...Freely, Freely


Lord You give the great Commision





Sunday 7th June

The Sevice for Trinity Sunday


Songs used in the service...

Holy, Holy, Holy 


Father I adore You


Lead us Heavenly Father lead us







Sunday 31st May

The Service for Pentecost

Songs for the service

Come down O Love Divine

Spirit if the Living God

Longing for the Light




Sunday 24th May

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The service for the Sunday after Ascension Day...


Songs used in the service...

Hail the Day...


The Head that Once was Crowned with Thorns


Lot of all Hopefulness




Sunday 17th May

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The Service for the 6th Sunday of Easter,


Songs used in the service

Immortal, invisible...


Breathe on me Breath of God...


Love divine....






Sunday 10th May

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The Service for the 5th Sunday of Easter,

The songs used in the service...

Who would true valour see


Do not be afraid for I have redeemed you

To God be the Glory






Sunday 3rd May

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The Service for the 4th Sunday of Easter,

Songs used in the Service

The King of Love my Shepherd is...

I lift my eyes...

Great is Thy Faithfulness...





Sunday 26th April.

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The Service for the 3rd Sunday of Easter.


Sarah's reading


The songs used in the Service


 Blessed Assurance...

 How Great Thou Art...

Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer...




Sunday 19th April.

The Service


Joy's talk for the second Sunday of Easter.


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