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Sunday 24th January

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Sunday 17th January the Second Sunday after Epiphany

Today's Service

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Christ be our Light

Here I am to Worship

 I the Lord of Sea and Sky

Hushed was the Evening Hymn

Dear Lord and Father of Mankind

Jim's talk


We heard this morning two accounts of people being called to God’s service.  To Philip and Nathanael it must have come as a great and unexpected invitation.  They had been going about their work in the usual way, and Samuel was but a little boy learning his place in the life of the shrine.  He had no expectations. 

The unexpected call is a common feature in the Bible.  Think of Abraham in Mesopotamia, enjoying the fruits of his labours when the call came to move and start a new nation.  Then there’s Moses, at the burning bush, being told to lead God’s people to freedom.  Jonah had other plans when God called him to go to Nineveh.  Mary got the shock of her young life when the angel came with God’s call.  The rich young ruler had plans that didn’t involve selling all his possessions and giving to the poor.  Saul of Tarsus was another unexpectedly called when he was on the road to Damascus. 

So we may see that these calls were in a line with others in Holy Scripture.  Samuel had a lot to learn, all routine stuff.  The prayers, the chants, what sacrifices were made and when.  Perhaps it was his duty to keep the lamp lit.  Yes, it was an interesting and maybe dull life, with nothing particularly divine about it, as we were told that God rarely spoke in that place.    But when God intruded into his life it wasn’t during a service but when Samuel was trying to get to sleep.  It was no wonder that he didn’t know it was God calling him as there were not many visions. 

When finally God did get through, what a tough message He delivered!  He condemned Eli and his family for their shortcomings.  That wasn’t part of this morning’s Old Testament lesson but have a look at it, and the next few chapters, which are a gripping read.

As with Jeremiah, whom God had marked down for His work while Jeremiah was still in the womb, some are born to greatness.  God had marked our three characters for His work.

Jesus found Philip under a fig tree in the same way that He finds us going about our business today.  We know that this is Jesus’ way because He said, “the Son of Man came to seek and to save that which was lost”.  We are indeed lost without Jesus, who seeks us out and brings us His Gospel, and places His call on our lives.  This morning’s reading tells us that the next thing Philip did was to find Nathanael.  It seems to be one of Philip’s characteristics that he brought others to know the Lord.  Some Greeks asked him to take them to Jesus, and in Acts we read of him going to meet an Ethiopian official to explain a passage of scripture.  Philip said to Nathanael, “come and see.”  We could say that his motto was “seeing and believing”.     Like Philip we should be prepared to follow Jesus into the highways of life where we can be witnesses ourselves to pass on the good news. 

Philip was astounded that Jesus found him under the tree, but, “you will see greater things than this,” the Master said.  Didn’t he just?  Healings, raising of the dead, sins forgiven.  Some achieve greatness.

There is a theory that Nathanael can be identified as Bartholomew, mentioned in the other three Gospels.  He seems to have been one of the supporting cast, and we don’t know why Jesus singled him out.  He had His plans, I expect, and it all comes down to my recent text “man proposes, God disposes”.  Jesus blew their plans out of the water; He has a habit of upsetting the best-laid plans of mice and men. 

So we must picture Nathanael going about his Master’s work faithfully and to the best of his ability, strengthened by the Lord’s encouragement.  He has become one of the unsung heroes of the early church, no doubt facing problems, setbacks and disappointments in his humanity.  When the events of the crucifixion and resurrection became too incomprehensible for human frailty, he had the native wit to do something.  He went fishing.

Nathanael must have been a person like ourselves.  We have work to do, and we get on with it.  We perform small tasks that make our church work more effectively, and it would be noticed if our little cog failed to function.  God relies upon us as he relied upon Nathanael.  He gave him the grace to truly believe.  Some have greatness thrust upon them. 

Sometimes God’s intrusions into our lives are unwelcome as they threaten to unsettle the familiar routine in which we find security and stability.  However, we should ponder whether God is calling us with His still, small voice towards some new challenge for the year ahead.




Sunday 10th January

The First Sunday after Epiphany...The Baptism of Christ


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Sunday 3rd January


The service for today...



Sunday 27th December

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Christmas Day

Our Service of Family Communion for Christmas Day




Sunday 20th December 

The Fourth Sunday in Advent...

Todau's Service...



Sunday 13th December

The Third Sunday in Advent,

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Sunday 6th December

The Second Sunday in Advent

Today's Service...



 Advent Sunday 29th November

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 Prayers for today

Songs in the service

: Like a candle flame

O come O come Emmanuel

Lo He comes in clouds descending (based on Mark reading)

Restore O Lord the honour of Your name





Sunday 22nd November

The service for the Sunday next before Advent ...Stir up Sunday...


Today's talk...


Songs in the service...

Jesus is King


Christ Triumphant


At the Name of Jesus


Tell Out My Soul



Sunday 15th November

The service for the 2nd Sunday before Advent


Songs for today...

In Christ there is no East or West


Beauty for Brokenness


As the Fire Is Meant for burning


Take my Life and let it be.


For the Healing of the Nation's



Sunday 8th November

Remembrance Sunday Meditation


Songs for today...

O God, Our Help in Ages Past

Faithful One, So Unchanging



Sunday 1st November


The service for All Saints Day




Sunday 25th October


The service for the 20th Sunday after Trinity.




Sunday 18th October


The service for the 19th Sunday after Trinity.





Sunday 11th October

The Service for the 18th Sunday after Trinity.

Part 1

Part 2




Sunday 4th October,,,HARVEST FESTIVAL

The service for the 17th Sunday after Trinity


This year's Harvest Festival will be different. We will not be collecting contributions but as the excerpt from this week's newsletter says we can still make a donation to Hastings Family Support Workers...

FSW are still not accepting stuff but money's always useful! 

In the meantime we are still recommending that you consider giving a donation of money to FSW instead. Thank you so much to those who have already done so. Please make your cheque payable to CDAFSW and send to FSW’s Central Office, 22 Stanford Avenue, Brighton, BN1 6AA. If you also add a note saying please direct this donation to work in Jude’s area they will make sure that happens.

You can also pay online via BACs payment to the following bank account: Sort Code: 20-12-75 Account Number: 40257133 Barclays Bank Account: Chichester Diocesan Association for Family Support Work. If you donate this way please email and let her know its coming and it’s for Jude’s area. Thank you everyone for helping families who are struggling at this time.



Sunday 29th September

The Service for the 16th Sunday after Trinity.

Part 1

Part 2




Sunday 20th September

The Service for the 15th Sunday after Trinity.

Part 1

Part 2


The songs for the service...

In Christ alone

Amazing Grace (my chains are gone)

We are one in the Spirit

Lord for the years





Sunday 13th September

The sevice for the 14th Sunday after Trinity



Sunday 6th September

The Service for the 13th Sunday after Trinity

The Intercessions


The songs used in the Service

How deep the Father's love

Let there be love shared

A new commandment

Brother sister let me serve you



Sunday 30th August


The Service for the Twelfth Sunday after Trinity


The talk from the Service






Sunday 23rd August

The Service for the Eleventh Sunday after Trinity



Songs used in the service...


Praise Ye the Lord


What a mighty God we serve




Sunday 16th August

The Service for the Tenth Sunday after Trinity

Please accept our apologies for the late uploading of the srvice. We'll have to make Tuesday the new Sunday.



The songs used in the service...

Gather us in


Faithful One so Unchanging


Here I am to worship


The Kingdom of God is Justice and Joy






Sunday 9th August

The service for the Ninth Sunday after Trinity

Today's talk


The songs used in the service

Come let us worship Jesus


How lovely are the mountains (our God reigns)


When we walk with the Lord (Trust band Obey)


The Intercessions





Sunday 2nd August

The service for the Eighth Sunday after Trinity.


The Readings for Today


The Intercessions


The Songs for the Service...

I heard the voice of Jesus say


As the deer pants for water


Longing for the Light


Let all the world




Sunday 26th July


The service for the Seventh Sunday after Trinity


The talk...The Hope of the Spirit


The songs udes in the Service...

All my hope on God is founded


I do not know what lies ahead


In Christ alone my hope is found



Sunday 19th July

The Service for the Sixth Sunday after Trinity



Sunday 12th July

The service for the Fifth Sunday after Trinity.


The songs sung in the Service...

As We Are Gathered Jesus Is Here



Let There Be Love Shared Among Us



Holy, Holy, Holy



The Church’s One Foundation





Sunday 5th July  

The Service for the Fourth Sunday after Trinity


Today's reading


Songs in the service today...

And can it be.


I am a new creation


How deep the Father's love for us


Spirit of the living God.


The spirit lives to set us free.





Sunday 28th June

A message from Rev Joy...

The Bishop has prepared a video talk for us in Westfield for our patronal service on Sunday this week. This service was to have been the highlight of our celebrations for 2020 and our 900th anniversary. Nothing about this year is as any of us had planned but we can still enjoy the Bishop’s words and our worship together and ask for God’s guidance in the days ahead.  


The Service for the Third Sunday after Trinity


The songs used in the Service...chosen this week by Bryn

Come on and Celebrate

My heart is filled with thankfulness

City on a Hill

Great is Thy faithfulness


Now thank we all our God









Sunday 21st June

The Service for the second Sunday after Trinity


Today's reading


The songs used in the Service- chosen this week by Janice.


God is love let heaven adore him


 Alleluia, Alleluia


He is Lord


Over all the earth (Lord reign in me)


Jesus is King





Sunday 14th June

The service for the First Sunday after Trinity...


Jeremy's talk



Dawn;s Intercessions


The songs used in the service- chosen this week by Bryn,

When morning gilds the skies

Faithful One

Once Again

How deep the Father's love for us






Sunday 7th June

The service for Trinity Sunday


Today's Readings...


The songs used in the service- chosen this week by Joy.

In Christ alone


There is a Redeemer


Freely. Freely ...(God forgave my sin )


Here I am to Worship


Christ triumphant ever reigning






Sunday 31st May.

The Service for Pentecost

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Songs for today- chosen this week by Howard

Breathe on me Breath of God


Spirit of the Living God


Ruach, Holy Wind of God


Send the Fire







Sunday 24th May

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The service for the Sunday after Ascension Day...


Today's talk...






Today's songs...

Praise my soul the King of heaven


Father God I wonder

Glorify Thy Name








Sunday 17th May

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The service for the Sixth Sunday of Easter


Today's Intercessions...


Songs for today...

Love Divine


Holy, holy    


Will you come and follow  


O Jesus I have promised






Sunday 10th May

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Morning Praise for the 5th Sunday of Easter

The Service...

Today's talk...

The songs used in the service...

We Believe
by Paul and Kristin Getty and Stuart Townend

Who is there like You
by Paul Oakley

This I Believe
by HillSong





Sunday 3rd May

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The service for the Fourth Sunday of Easter


Today's reading...


The songs used in the service

The King of Love my Shepherd is...

The Servant King...


The Lord's my Shepherd...

Great is Thy Faithfulness







Sunday 26th April

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The service for the Third Sunday of Easter.


Bryn's Talk



The Songs used in the Service

Light of all the earth

What a friend we have in Jesus

City on a Hill








Sunday 19th April.

The Service for the Second Sunday of Easter

Sally's reading

Jeremy's talk

Dawn's prayers

Songs used in the Service