Daffodil Service of Memories


A message from Rev Joy...

I have been thinking hard how best we can hold our annual Daffodil Service when we remember those loved ones we have lost. The restrictions due to Coronavirus mean that we have a lot less seating space in church than usual and I know just how many funerals I have taken since this time last year. I am also aware that people have lost family and friends to Covid 19 or in other ways and may have been unable to attend funerals when they happened elsewhere. For these reasons we will hold two services in Westfield Church, both at 4pm, on Sunday 1st November and Sunday 8th November. They will be quiet reflective services with some music, although we still 2 can’t sing in church. I am sending invitations to those people I know have lost loved ones since 2016 which will arrive early next week. I’d be very grateful if you could let me know if you are coming and which service you would prefer to attend. Please also get in touch if you have a special reason for coming and don’t expect to get an invitation. I am so sorry we won’t be able to provide refreshments as in the past, but this year we will have daffodil bulbs which I will bless and you can take home to plant in your own gardens. Any left will be planted in the churchyard as usual.


The Daffodil Service on the 8th Nonvember  had to be postponed due to a new lockdown. Hopefully it will be held sometime in the new year Rev Joy will be in touch with those affected to keep you informed.