Westfield Church History

This year Westfield Church celebrates 900 years of continuous Worship in the present building.

extract from 'Manor of Westfield' 1619 by Henricus Allen


There has been much speculation over the origins of Westfield Church, the parish church of St John the Baptist Westfield, due to little documentation from its early years.   These pages of the church’s website aim to collate all the work that has been published as the church celebrates 900 years since the first stones were laid in the building of the Norman Nave of the church.

We have begun  to piece together a plotted history of the church to mark this anniversary by digging into the archives and collecting together writing and research from other sources.

Westfield Church PCC acknowledges the work of former incumbents especially Rev’d Edwin Wilkinson; our archaeologists Maggie Henderson with contributions from Diccon Hart and Philippa Whitehill of HB Archaeology & Conservation Ltd; our Architects Tim Wells and Richard Crook of John D. Clarke & Partners, Eastbourne; Nick Wiggins who has compiled an extensive inventory of every aspect of Westfield church and Dennis Collins of the Hasting History House.

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